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Some Reasons to Sell Auto Parts Online

 Today’s consumers expect the ability to research and buy anything online, at any time, on any device. With the continuous rise of online shopping, it’s no surprise that more and more buyers are purchasing factory auto parts online 
 1. The online auto parts market is expected to double – Online auto parts sales should double between 2016 and 2020 according to industry analysts at Frost & Sullivan. Be prepared to capture your piece of this rapidly growing market. 
2Selling auto parts online provides an additional revenue channel – With the right provider, online auto parts sales are a convenient and cost-effective way to generate revenue through an additional channel that can help you achieve your profit growth goals. 
3. Consumers are keeping their cars longer – Since the financial crisis in 2008, consumers have been keeping their cars for much longer periods of time. The average vehicle age in America is 11 years, which indicates an increasing demand for car parts , as older vehicles require more service and part replacements. 


4. Your competitors are selling online – More and more dealerships are beginning to notice the advantages of selling auto parts online . If other dealers are sharing product availability, making bookings, and closing product sales online, then they are capturing customers that could be yours. 
5. Customers want it – In a world where you can order virtually everything via computer, consumers tend to get annoyed or frustrated when they can’t purchase a certain service or product online. Consumers now expect the convenience of buying online. If a consumer visits your website and can’t easily find information on the part she is looking for, she will leave your site for another. When you empower consumers to find and order what they’re shopping for on your site, it will increase return visits and strengthen customer loyalty.
6. Your parts business never closes – With online auto parts E-commerce, your customers aren’t beholden to the open hours of your showroom. You are virtually open www.imyautoparts.com, giving customers the ability to make purchases on their schedule, whether on a lunch break or in the middle of the night. 
    Customers and dealers alike might be surprised at just how convenient it is to have online auto parts as part of the complete digital dealership. Meet customer expectations and boost your market share by offering online part sales on your website today. 

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How to Produce More Engine Power

   Using all of this information, you can begin to see that there are lots of different ways to make an engine perform better. Car manufacturers are constantly playing with all of the following variables to make an engine more powerful and/or more fuel efficient.
     Increase displacement - More displacement means more power because you can burn more gas during each revolution of the engine. You can increase displacement by making the cylinder bigger or by adding more cylinders. Twelve cylinders seems to be the practical limit. 
     Stuff more into each cylinder - If you can cram more air (and therefore fuel) into a cylinder of a given size, you can get more power from the cylinder (in the same way that you would by increasing the size of the cylinder). Turbochargers and superchargers pressurize the incoming air to effectively cram more air into a cylinder 


     Cool the incoming air - Compressing air raises its temperature. However, you would like to have the coolest air possible in the cylinder because the hotter the air is, the less it will expand when combustion takes place. Therefore, many turbocharged and supercharged cars have an intercooler. An intercooler is a special radiator through which the compressed air passes to cool it off before it enters the cylinder.
     Let exhaust exit more easily - If air resistance makes it hard for exhaust to exit a cylinder, it robs the engine of power. Air resistance can be lessened by adding a second exhaust valve to each cylinder (a car with two intake and two exhaust valves has four valves per cylinder, which improves performance -- when you hear a car ad tell you the car has four cylinders and 16 valves, what the ad is saying is that the engine has four valves per cylinder). If the exhaust pipe is too small or the muffler has a lot of air resistance, this can cause back-pressure, which has the same effect. High-performance exhaust systems use headers, big tail pipes and free-flowing mufflers to eliminate back-pressure in the exhaust system. When you hear that a car has "dual exhaust," the goal is to improve the flow of exhaust by having two exhaust pipes instead of one. 
     Make everything lighter - Lightweight parts help the engine perform better. Each time a piston changes direction, it uses up energy to stop the travel in one direction and start it in another. The lighter the piston , the less energy it takes. . 

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How Can help Automobile Parts Manufacturing Companies?

    The auto parts industry is as competitive as ever in today’s scenario. With new cars being launched market every other day, the demand for their servicing and requests for new tools has also seen a phenomenal rise. This trend has also seen a number of new players coming into this industry and challenging already well established original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). However, as is the case in every business, only those companies who are able to provide world class service and high quality spare parts at competitive price are thriving. 





    Cost plays an important role in this case. The spare part manufacturing relies on automated lines and is in general capital intensive in nature. Therefore, bringing in the best and latest of technologies to aid production can ensure better economy in the long run. With an increase in production, the cost per spare goes down creating more value and margins. Off the floor too, technology can help improve the bottom line and increase efficiency of resources. 
     Production of automobile parts against demand orders that are fed in the system is the way to go. This not only minimises storage and warehousing cost but also helps in optimizing batch sizes. Meeting strict timelines and ensuring highest quality is easier because production planning is done in advance. 
     Most of the companies strive to move towards a paperless environment and why not? Storage and maintenance of documents is a costly affair and in most cases an external agency is employed to take care of the heavy paper documentation. Besides, there is always a chance of misplacing documents. Right from factory production to in-store accounting to recording sales and receipts, ERP ensures traceability, accessibility and safety of your documents. The stringent security measures in form of password protection, authorisations, firewall etc. create a reliable environment for all auto parts manufacturer .

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Consumers how to face the auto parts industry

  Network survey shows that more than half of people do not understand the auto parts . There are many concerns about the quality and safety of automotive parts, but in the long run, most consumers are optimistic about the prospects for the development of auto parts in China.
     For the people who have purchase intention in the survey, "low price" has become the main reason for buying. Secondly, the performance, quality, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation also attract a part of consumers.



     However, for the people who don’t have purchase intention in the survey, "Worried about product quality " become the main reason they don't consider buying the auto parts . Although the social responsibility of the enterprise is to provide safe and reliable quality of the products, but now the market of vehicle maintenance and repair is not standard, the new parts’ quality is uneven, often there are fake and inferior products. And most consumers can not distinguish the authenticity, so they are more worried about the the quality of auto parts .
     Therefore, hope that the relevant government departments should adopt a variety of measures, strengthen the supervision, strict the inspection of automotive parts quality, use policy to guide the consumption concept intensify propaganda so that more consumers can understand the automotive parts 

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Basic knowledge about the cylinder

   cylinder is the actuator or "motor" side of the system. That is to say, choosing hydraulic motor for the goods are not as simple as people normally thought it is. It demands that company understand deeply their produce piston motor, hydraulic winch, gearbox, hydraulic steering unit, axial piston motor products and scale to get suitable ones. The "generator" side of the hydraulic system is the hydraulic winch brings in a fixed or regulated flow of oil to the bottom side of the cylinder, to move the piston rod upwards. 
      It also consists of a cylinder barrel, in which a piston connected to a piston rod moves back and forth. The barrel is closed on each end by the cylinder bottom and by the 
cylinder head where the piston rod comes out of the cylinder. And this cylinder transfers linear motion of the rod to some type of equipment such as a dump truck bed, bulldozer blade, airplane, elevator, and even the movement of some robots. 

      The principle used by a cylinder to operate machinery is simply a transmission of force applied by pressure onto a fluid that is incompressible. The fluid is a key part of the cylinder ability to transmit power from one point to another. It can only transmit power if the fluid is incompressible. In a hydraulic system, the hydraulic fluid is always pumped, or transmitted, through a pipe from the point at which it receives the force, or energy, to the point where the energy is transferred to another piece of equipment that is to be moved or operated. This pipe can be any size or length without reducing or varying the energy it transfers.



      In addition to the above, the piston is also very important. It has sliding rings and seals. The piston divides the inside of the cylinder in two chambers, the bottom chamber (cap end) and the piston rod side chamber (rod end). The hydraulic pressure acts on the piston to do linear work and motion. 
      The cylinder is probably one of the most efficient methods of producing power. Of course, it is a kind of cylinders. And it is usually called a linear hydraulic motor and is a mechanical actuator that is used to give a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. It is made up of seven parts, i.e. the cylinder barrel, cylinder bottom or cap, cylinder head, piston, piston rod , rod gland and other parts. 
      All in all, the cylinder is one of the key components of some equipment. Few of us know much about the cylinder although most of us may be familiar with equipment that is operated by hydraulics. From the above content, we can learn some basic knowledge about the cylinder. 

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Why you can buy auto parts at our website: www.imyautoparts.com?

  At our official website : www.imyautoparts.com, we offer an extensive selection of car parts on DongFeng heavy truck or  Dongfeng commercial vehicle , so you can easily find the quality parts you need at the lowest price. Explore our wide inventory to find both original equipment parts and aftermarket parts for your vehicle.
      When you buy auto parts at our website, you can be confident that we will try to become the best auto parts supplier , so you can receive the highest quality auto parts at wholesale prices, and all the parts we sell come with a full warranty. We also understand how important it is to get the right car parts that you need. That’s why all of our car parts come with our Guaranteed DongFeng motor corporation. If there are ever any issues, we will cover round trip shipping.


      Our auto parts undergo strict quality control tests to meet the highest industry standards; so you can feel confident that the truck and car parts you’re ordering from us will perform as expected. Our auto parts are well sold in the South East Asia, Iran, Russia and more. At  www.imyautoparts.com, you will find all the auto parts you would ever need, including piston and accessories, camshaft, muffler clamp, cylinder head gasket, injector, clutch, oil pipe, suspension, starter, generator, air compressor and air conditioning compressor, fuel pumps, water pump, pulley & gear, drag link and connecting rod, fan and accessories, standard parts, braking system, suspender and suspension shackle, axle series, cylinder series, drive shaft, steering gear and many other wholesale auto parts .
      We never sell any junkyard automobile parts to our valued customers, so you will never need to worry about the quality and performance of our parts and accessories. We encourage you to explore our huge selection of DongFeng heavy truck and auto parts online , though if you can’t find what you need, please don’t hesitate to call us, and we’ll help you find the parts that you need . 

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Something on Piston Ring

       We are a leading piston ring supplier, providing products on Dongfeng heavy Commercial Vehicle. Applications for our piston rings include landing gear, doors, fuselage, de-icing valves, chillers, bleed air valves, and auxiliary power units. Our engineers have extensive experience in designing aircraft seal rings for a range of temperatures, pressures, and other environmental conditions. From prototypes to high volume production runs, all our aircraft seal rings go through demanding quality assurance processes and meet all applicable DOD, FAA, and Mil-Spec requirements. 
      We focus on the design and fabrication of custom piston rings . We specialize in piston rings for harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, high pressures, and tight tolerance requirements. Applications for our piston rings include gas turbines, jet engines, rockets, steam valves, nuclear power exploration, and coal liquefaction.


 piston ring

       Piston rings are used to help reduce leakage, and are often viewed as sacrificial components. In order to ensure the best results, we recommend testing the ring, especially where leakage is critical. Precision Rings can provide leakage estimates if required. 
       Piston rings can be manufactured from custom prints, or Precision Rings’ engineering team can design a custom piston ring for your application. Following the submission of your engineering design sheet, Precision Rings will develop a piston ring design that will meet your unique requirements. Typical design time is less than five business days. 
      The critical piece of any successful organization is its people, their attitude, their expertise and ultimately, the results they produce. Precision rings incorporated's production personnel take great pride in giving attention to every detail throughout the entire manufacturing process of piston ringsand seal rings. This results in finished products that satisfy Precision rings incorporated's high quality standards. Knowledgeable management, dedicated employees, and modern technology allowPrecision piston rings incorporated to fulfill the needs of the highly sophisticated industries we serve.